Each time I hear the term 'Latino vote'....

The 2010 US Census shows that 85% of Cuban Americans self-identified as being white. Most of them living in Florida, accompanied also my many white Venezuelans and white Colombians. Yes there are other races that have migrated (like myself) as well, and I am not excluding them, but lets be honest, the term 'Latino' has not historically embraced Blackness and it has centered on 'mestizaje' of a specific type- the lighter (read whiter) the better, thus indirectly centering whiteness- despite again people self identifying as white, just not as white Americans.

This means that when people talk about the 'Latino' vote, there also has to be an acknowledgement of descendants of those that migrated and were welcomed openly in the United States- the majority white and benefiting from class privilege of the backs of the oppression of poor Black and Indigenous people and the land that they have historically lived on. Is that the 'Latino' vote that folks are talking about? because these very large chunks of what I consider a non-existing 'Latino Community' are very much aligned to uphold and defend white supremacy through neoliberal economic policies and models- and to help US governments (both Democrat and Republican) to economically destabilize Black and Indigenous communities in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that they 'claim' as home when convenient.

These white descendants, supporters and upholders of white supremacy in their home countries, which in general are still in power (think Bolsonaro in Brazil for example), and some of their people migrated to the United States. Through that welcomed migration (yes the United States government has created policies to welcome and economically benefit these groups) they are able to enjoy the benefits of their white race and inherited 1% class existence- off the backs of Black and Indigenous people living in those 'home' countries, just that they enjoy it right here in the United States. Same white and class privilege, different country. Same oppressive mentality, different country.

These specific 'Latino voters' work with and in large banking, mining, oil and other trade businesses in the United States, and for many their general mission is to be able to continue legal exploitation of natural resources on Black and Indigenous land, creating many times unlivable and life threatening conditions to people that have been robbed of their economic, social and cultural human rights to name a few. They do this through strategically partnering and lobbying with politicians that will make this an economic priority by using terms like Free Trade, War on Drugs, Defending Democracy, etc.

There is no 'Latino vote' the same way that the concept of a 'Latino community' existing for me does not exist. I think there needs to be accuracy in language, because simplistic jargons about Latinidad continues to invisibilize, silence and harm people, especially Black and Indigenous people in Latin America that are literally dying. Also keep in mind that unless people living in the United States, begin and/or further familiarize themselves with US foreign policy, both historically and contemporarily, Latin America and Caribbean region will continue being exploited and Black people (which is my focus and north star- always) will continue living in conditions that are inhumane and will continue being disposable as a people.

My two cents today.

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