George H.W. Bush: Murderer and Invader

In 1989 I was only 15 years old, when my world was turned upside down.

If it had not been for an atrocious invasion, my family and I would have never left Panama, and I more than likely would still be living my life over there. Yes, we can argue about where I am now, with children and the rest, but living in the United States was never once, has never been and will never be my first choice.

George H. W. Bush ordered on December 17th 1989, the deployment of thousands of United States Army, Navy, and Marines to carry out 27 operations through air, land, and sea attacks. There were over 24,000 troops in this small country (remember that there were over 20 US military bases from 1909 -2000 there as well). The attacks were indiscriminate, and forbidden by international conventions. It was a direct abuse of power, and a violation of laws that protect civilians in times of combat.

I have written about this and spoken about this countless times. It is something that I will never forget about, and I will not stop talking about. The brutality, inhumanity and abusive relationship that those in power have is something that is recurring in this society, and we have to remember and uphold the legacy of violence that this man had not only within the United States, but also the devastating impact that he had on so many countries in the Americas including Panama, Colombia through nasty US foreign Policies, Cuba and his violation of international law on political asylum, Honduras with demanding that the Contra's remain there so they can take over Nicaragua, and Venezuela with the gift of two billion dollars for aid to 'control' violence.

So when you choose to immortalize elected US officials, please immortalize them with accurate information and center the millions of peoples that in countless countries (including the United States) have and continue to suffer because of their neoliberal, racist and unjust leadership.

IACHR, Report No. 121/18, Case 10.573. Merits (Publication). Jose Isabel Salas Galindo and others. United States. October 5, 2018.

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